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Questions about TOC and Electronic Literature


How does this work explore constraint in terms of generating meaning?

How does the image use expand the meaning of the text or does it constrain it?

Does time feel constrained due to the duration of particular sections?

How might this work become more interactive? How would this change it’s current strategies?

Do you think the work makes you “Feel” time?

• Electronic Literature:

“work with an important literary aspect that takes advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer.”

• Where are we now? What new approaches would you like to see in terms of contemporary Electronic Literature be discussed?

• What relation does installation art have to such a definition? How do we parse the difference between literary and poetic work and media art or does this distinction not matter?

• What constitutes “an important literary aspect” (or network of relations) that is of primary relevance to you own work? How might someone subvert or extend the above definition? How would you change the definition?

• How might code be explored in new ways that we haven’t discussed, in the service of literary production?

• How might physical space and differing objects become directly related to database works in the service of digital literature?

• How might human behavior be used in relation to media behaviors as a structuring methodology?

• How might natural language processing be used in a new work?

• What elements or qualities must a game include to have it rise to a “literary” level?

• Might the subversion of literary form function as a game and paradoxically rise to the literary level?

• What is the anti-form movement in art? Does it have a digital literary equivalent?

• How might location be leveled in terms of digital literary production?

• Given the quixotic nature of the digital form, will digital literature be around in 500 years?

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