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A-life and games: Poesysteme

As we were talking about A-Life today I was reminded of this game:

Make sure you watch the video in High Quality otherwise it’s basically impossible to view. Produced by ENJMIN, Poesysteme mixes evolution with poetry.  Basically in the game you input words and divide them by a root and modifier. As you input words you can then create an environment for the words to procreate or hunt in.  By providing more food you can encourage reproduction or by withholding food you can encourage predation.  Also, by depriving the words of the space to thrive words die out and have a harder time reproducing.


The makers of poesysteme derived their inspiration from oulipo which I believe we mentioned early on in class:

The game has an interesting play on space and evolution and I think ties our discussion together nicely.  However, I had hoped the development of language within the game would be more meaningful or follow more complex patterns rather than simple combinations of the words constituent parts.  You’ll have to play it to get a real sense of what I’m talking about, and once you do you’ll likely be disappointed.  However, Poesysteme is largely appreciated as a performance piece.  I recommend playing around with it if the description interests you at all. The interface is very simple and easy to pick up.

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