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Where we’re going we won’t need roads

While I mostly agree with Ethington, I think it is important to recognize this as a western viewpoint. The west believes that we are looking into the future and everything lies ahead of us. The east, particularly most Asian cultures believe that we have our backs to the future and our eyes are looking into the past. This is an important distinction because it decides the orientation we give ourselves in the space of time.

Also what needs to be taken into account is recent advances in physics in regards to time. It is now widely accepted that time is imperfect, that it not only slows down at different points but also bends. This is how worm holes exists. A certain points there is a bend in time which actually places and event in the past or future directly next to you.

Also its interesting the concept of not being able to time travel because there is no medium in which to travel. This is actually untrue. Science has already designed a time machine. The problem is that it has to be larger than the earth and must be built in outer space. Obviously this won’t be realized in our lifetime. But if it could be in the future then how come we haven’t met anyone from the future.

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