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Some Thoughts on Interface and Browser/Desktop design

Proper interface is crucial to an immersive web site experience. Grubin suggests that one advance in computer immediacy is the movement away from the command prompt and towards a 3-dimension desktop.  However, this prediction is only half true.  The physical structure of modern interface is becoming increasingly 3-dimensional

Future web designs promise to take this to a new level:  (Note the 3-dimensional desktop where the Z axis represents time).

Yet these advances have not come at the expense of the command prompt, quite the contrary.  As modern interfaces become increasingly minimal the need for an intuitive command prompt has created some interesting innovations in interface that more closely resemble a return to original DOS-like interfaces. The vista search bar borrows some of this design

but intuitive command prompts are best evident in open-source projects that have become increasingly popular among power users:

These improvements are not relegated to the desktop but are becoming increasingly prevalent in website browsers and web pages

The clutter of the desktop, originally an intuitive metaphor designed to “assimilate the computer to the physical desktop and to the materials” is at once overwhelming

and insufficient in its limited space.  Recent desktop iterations use transparency to create more space and radial menus to reduce clutter:

The movement towards an “‘interfaceless’ interface … where a user will move through space interacting with objects” is largely realized in second life, but its advent has not significantly displaced traditional web browsing

Second Life

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