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Aviary: “creation on the fly”

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I just read about Aviary on the NY Times homepage, which aims to make creating digital art more accessible to non-programmers or ordinary people.

From their website: Why did you start Aviary? “Through our interactions with the artists on, we realized that while many people wanted to use digital editing software, it was very inaccessible:
* The costs were prohibitive (and many people didn’t want to risk installing a virus by pirating).
* The interface was too bloated with rarely-used features to make learning it easy.
* You actually needed to install the programs on a machine with specifications that complied with the program and suffer through any unwanted DRM malware that might also come with the software.
We have our roots in the grassroots hobbyists community. We are artists ourselves and know that there are so many other potential creators out there like us… all they need are accessible tools.”

Maybe this looks like the future option after Processing?

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